Save the Rhino London marathon

16-Save the rhino londonLONDON – This Sunday 13 Aril, the people of London cheered off 15 rhino costumes as well as numerous ‘un-costumed’ runners all proudly displaying the Save the Rhino Logo. It’s hard enough running a marathon’s 26.2 miles, but going the whole way in a 22-pound rhino costume is another beast entirely. This year 2 former Thabazimbi residents, Panayota Galanakis and Bradley Schroder took the trip to participate in this event, Bradley dressed in the Rhino suit. Running for Rhinos is a fantastic way to fundraise for vital rhino conservation and raise awareness for their plight. Poaching has sadly been on the increase and all 5 species of rhino are threatened with extinction. So far this year 277 rhinos have been killed in South Africa alone, that’s amounting to 3 rhinos per day in 2014, which means by the time the end of the London Marathon this year, 3 more rhinos will have been killed.

Photo left: Dressed in the Rhino suit is Bradley Schroder and with him on the photo is Panayota Galanakis at the Save the Rhino London marathon