Thabazimbi Expo – Impact Survey shows growth

Thabazimbi, located in the Limpopo’s Province, host an annual festival/ expo called the Thabazimbi Expo. Festivals are mainly a period of celebration and not many people think of the impact that this type of “activity”, can have on the community concerned or even the economic growth of a town like Thabazimbi. Two academics from the University of Pretoria, namely Ms. Tanya Steyn and Professor Ernie Heath, with the financial backing of Kumba, conducted a survey to attain the impact of the Thabazimbi Expo on the local economic environment, the youth and the community. The survey conducted revealed interesting facts that must be taken into account by the organizers of the Thabazimbi expo as well as main stakeholders in the town. Interesting facts that came to light was the following: visitors attending the Expo increased from 24121 in 2006 to 26033 in 2007. A growth of 1912 visitors which constitutes 8 % growth.R21,5 million income generated from all activities at the Expo and a growth of 7.5% in relation to 2006. R9,26 million of the income generated was regarded as new money from outside Thabazimbi and even this income grew by 23%. The Expo also opened doors for new business opportunities and also generated many jobs for the local community. Te local business community also indicated that the Thabazimbi Expo 2007 was so far the best as they could feel the impact on their businesses. Prof. Ernie Heath also indicated during his presentation to the local steering committee of the Thabazimbi Expo should priorities certain strategic action points, to enable the growth of the event from excellent to the greatest town festival in the Limpopo Province.

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